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The Effects of Coffee to Your Health

Espresso, cappuccino, instant, or macchiato - people have their favorite caffeine fix to start off their day. For some, coffee is already an addiction and it takes more than just a cup of coffee to make them feel energized throughout the day. Just like everything else in life, too much of something really is not good for you. While you can have your regular, daily morning dose of coffee, going overboard may not leave a bad taste on your mouth, but it can have serious physical disadvantages. It has been studied for the past decades that too much caffeine is bad for you. And just how bad is having too much caffeine?

While coffee can indeed make people feel more alert and energized, it is an artificial energy boost because caffeine does not create real energy, but rather it is the chemicals that are doing the work and making the body feel stimulated. In other words, it is just a short-term benefit and when the chemicals are depleted, the short-term stimulation will end, leaving the body as tired as it was before. The body will eventually experience fatigue and additional drowsiness brought about by the surge of energy. The chemicals released through the caffeine only triggers the stress response of the body. Coffee allows the body to use up and consume the stored energy, resulting in physical activeness, faster heartbeat, and mental alertness - all considered to be the good benefits of coffee - but when all this energy is used up, the body experiences the fatigue as the side effect.

Caffeine also confuses and eventually raises blood sugar levels of the body. Apart from the obvious fact that sugar is often added to coffee, even those who take black coffee can have their blood sugar affected. The natural sugars of the body are also triggered by the caffeine with its call for an energy jolt. Sugar tends to be more present in the blood basically just to get the energized and alert effect.

Caffeine also tends to disrupt one's sleeping pattern. Especially if you have consumed a high caffeine drink with added sugar and other additives such as syrups, flavors or whipped cream, the body will take its time to consume the caffeine and the sugar, keeping you awake throughout the night. The temperature of hot coffee can affect the body's temperature as well, making you feel hotter as the body heat increases. Over time, dependency and tolerance are some things you have to worry about. Because of tolerance, you no longer get your caffeine fix with just a shot of espresso. Eventually, just like drugs, you will have to increase your intake to get the same effect.

And lastly, just like any other addiction, kicking the habit of coffee addiction has its own withdrawal symptoms. People who are trying to stop or minimize and control their daily consumption of caffeine often experience headaches, irritability and fatigue during the first few days of their withdrawal. Coffee should therefore be consumed in moderation and it may be a good idea to take a break from drinking it every now and then to avoid addiction.


Purpose of Small Coffee Makers

If you go out shopping for coffee makers and brewing machines today, you are probably going to find a huge variety of models and brands and sizes. Coffee maker size is considered to be one of the most important factors that shoppers need to keep in mind when buying the gadget. This is because the volume of the beverage will largely depend on the size of the machine.

A lot of people are generally turned off by small coffee makers primarily because of their size. But the truth is: you really do not need that much amount of coffee to fill your needs for the day. So if you need a little help in decision-making, here are the benefits and disadvantages of having smaller sized makers in the kitchen.

Traditional coffee machines are very bulky and they take up too much space on countertops and on cabinets. Some people who love drinking coffee even end up not buying these machines simply because they have nowhere to store them in. Smaller makers however, can solve that problem once and for all. Even if you have a small kitchen or limited storage space, you can still afford to get the gadget simply because they will not take up that much space.

Many people do not know just how much leftovers they throw out from the usual coffee makers in a day. They end up brewing large amounts, so much more than what they actually consume. Smaller-sized makers however, allow you to brew just the right amounts and help you avoid wastes and leftovers.

Small coffee makers can also assure you that you'll always have freshly brewed coffee in every cup. You won't have any leftover to reheat so you'll end up brewing a new cup every time you feel the need to drink. No, you do not have to worry about it taking too long because there are plenty of very good and fast brewing models out in the market today.

For those who do not want to go all the way to the kitchen to get a hot cup of coffee, this kind of coffee maker is the perfect model to get. They are very lightweight and portable, which means you can put them in any part of the house - from your bedroom to your home office. This way, you can brew coffee practically anywhere around the house.

Small coffee makers however, may not be that useful when you are entertaining a lot of guests in the house. Serving coffee to a number of people using such a small brewer will take time and a whole lot of effort. Regular sized machines also offer an impressive list of options on how you want your coffee done - black, cappuccino, latte, etc. Small makers on the other hand, do not give you that much option.

So if you were given a choice, learn to weigh things out. The benefits of getting small coffee makers definitely outweigh the disadvantages. However, if you love having friends over for a cup, then perhaps it's best to get a machine that can make more cups in a single brew.


American obsessions: The unmistakable taste of instant coffee

Making mornings bearable ever since the XIXth century, coffee has been a constant subject of development. Instant coffee became the perfect solution for the concept "coffee-on-the-go", the coffee maker soon brought the classical Café to any household and the strength and savor of American coffee reached new levels of popularity. Are you the instant coffee type, the coffee maker kind or an American coffee enthusiast? Browse through our article and find out.

Instant coffee- the need for speed

Instant coffee is basically soluble granulated coffee, obtained by freeze or spray drying and then further prepared by rehydration. Instant coffee emerged on the market in the late XIXth century, in 1890, to be more specific, when it was discovered by a Japanese inventor. However, instant coffee reached a great deal of popularity only after World War II, and it was originally designed to serve the United States Army.

In terms of production, the process instant coffee goes through resembles the one applicable to regular coffee. Unlike in the case of American coffee, the coffee beans are roasted, ground, dissolved in water and dried in order to obtain the instant coffee that we consume on a regular basis.

When weighing your options, bear in mind that instant coffee has a major advantage, which relies in the speed of preparation. Therefore, instant coffee is the ideal alternative for hectic mornings and hurried moments. Instant coffee is also available in a decaffeinated version. In fact, it should be noted that instant coffee contains less caffeine than regular coffee, and, at the same time, less antioxidants. Interestingly enough, instant coffee has been linked to a decrease in the risk of developing the type 2 diabetes, but also to an increase in the possibility of bladder cancer.

The best companion of early mornings: the coffee maker

There is a friend in the morning you are never too tired or too grumpy to see. And that friend is a mere kitchen accessory, called the coffee maker. Ever since the advent of cooking appliances, the coffee maker has successfully managed to find its well-deserved place in a wide range of households. And genuine American coffee has never tasted better before! The coffee maker is the main ally in the preparation of the cup of American coffee served regularly. Filter coffee is by definition 100% American coffee, with the miracle-worker coffee maker accounting for the popularity of coffee in US and Northern Europe.

A coffee maker should be cleaned at least once a week, in order to clean oil and mineral residuals which alter the taste of the easily recognizable American coffee.

American coffee is widely recognized for its antioxidant properties. Its remarkable taste experience, rendered addictive by the coffee maker preparation process, is backed up by its low caffeine content. The beverage prepared in the coffee maker may be, therefore, enjoyed, throughout the day, without boosting your energy level too much.

For an increased dose of excitement and concentration, the American coffee is definitely an experience not to be missed. Depending on how it is balanced with hot water, the American coffee may contain a single or a double shot of espresso.

From instant coffee to a home-prepared beverage obtained with the help of the coffee maker, caffeine is still a daily remedy for fatigue, as well as a powerful antioxidant and a remarkable adjuvant in fighting diabetes, Parkinson and Alzheimer. Do not miss out on the genuine American coffee experience!


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